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The other night…
You told me in a dream that you would f*ck me to within an inch of my life, then f*ck me until you brought me back again… Do all dreams really come true?


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All that is right & pure…

The best time of the day for me is lying down with you. Whether it is night or daylight.
You’re there rocking me to sleep with soft words while inside of me. Waking me up in the middle of night, just to make sure I’m still enclosed in your arms…

My favorite, which has yet to come to pass, is it’s right before daybreak. Still dark outside but the night is slowly giving way to the light. I’m lying next to you. You’re kissing me awake. I look up and smile at you… Without a word, you pull me closer and kiss me. Ever so gently, but there is no mistaking the claim you are making on me. You continue your claim as you roll me until I’m lying beneath you.. I don’t need any words when you look at me as you are now, but you give them to me anyway… The sound of your voice. The conviction behind your words. You hold, kiss, & caress me until everything in my world melts away except you.

You are all that is right and pure within me..

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